YPO workshops

YPO workshops

This is a highly effective one-day workshop employing an experiential learning cycle resulting in intense learning for participants. It is spread over eight hours and introduces YPO members, spousesRead More »
Shyamli Rathore Sidman Bespoke Leadership Development Solutions

Bespoke Leadership Development Learning Solutions

Customized blended corporate leadership development training programs are offered for (a) high potential talent moving into senior leadership roles (b) addressing specific business problems faced across the organization.Read More »
Shyamli Rathore Sidman Standard Leadership Training Programs

Standard Leadership Training

This a highly experiential eight-hour session aimed at enabling executives to influence and inspire a variety of stakeholders using the age old art of storytelling. In a VUCA world aligning your teams rapidlyRead More »
Shyamli Rathore Sidman Leadership Cafes

Leadership Cafes

These sessions are for the extremely time-conscious senior leadership teams. These are highly experiential, powerful four-hour learning cafes using Harvard Case Study Methodology.Read More »
Shyamli Rathore Sidman

Webinar-based Leadership Training Solutions

Shyamli is an expert in delivering leadership training through webinars, having facilitated more than 100 such webinars on behalf of Harvard Business Publishing since 2012 for their global clients.Read More »
Shyamli Rathore Sidman Strategy Offsite Retreats

Strategy Offsite Retreats

Shyamli designs and facilitates transformational strategy planning retreats enabling the business leader to be a meeting participant, rather than leader (by using an outside facilitator)Read More »
Shyamli Rathore Sidman Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

Shyamli offers one-on-one executive coaching for professionals who need personal development for a higher level role, guidance to think through a career situation where finding the correct answers is criticalRead More »