Bespoke Leadership Development Solutions

A highly customized and intensive learning intervention, spread over three to six months, designed for organization’s high potential talent to address specific business challenges. Learning efficacy is monitored through measurable increase in lead business indicators identified as a precursor to the intervention.

  • Suitable for:
    • High potential talent moving into senior leadership roles
    • Addressing specific business problems faced across organization profile
  • Learning Approach
    • A five-step approach as detailed below is used to create high impact learning solutions to address specific business outcomes:
  • Diagnostic Approach
  • An intensive diagnostic exercise based on the principles of appreciative enquiry is used for collating data from various stakeholders as below:
    • Interviews with members of senior management teams
    • Interviews with immediate line managers
    • Focused group discussions with participants
    • Review of existing competency framework
  • Time
    • Spread over three to six months using a blend of classroom learning, e-learning and on-the-job business projects
Shyamli Rathore Sidman Bespoke Leadership Development Solutions