Strategy Offsite Retreats

Shyamli designs and facilitates transformational strategy planning retreats which enable business leaders to be meeting participants rather than leaders (by using an outside facilitator), which leads to greater buy-in and effective implementation. Shyamli works closely with the business leader who has initiated the offsite to understand actual business needs, personality conflicts if any, and intended outcomes from the retreat, to create a cohesive design and learning outcome. She often coaches the business leader to enable him/her to co-facilitate the session successfully and gently acts as a pivot (sometimes in the background) to integrate the entire session.

  • Suitable for
    • Any team which is planning strategy offsite meetings
  • Key takeaways
    • Can bring buried issues to the surface (which have been holding the team back), to be dealt with in a safe environment which truly helps teams to move forward
    •  Multiple learning tools such as Case Studies or personality assessments such as MBTI or Hogan can be used based on specific requirements and targeted outcomes.
    • Clearly defined business outcomes and measures for the team
  • Time:
    • 8 hours – 16 hours
Shyamli Rathore Sidman Strategy Offsite Retreats