Webinar-based Leadership Training

Shyamli is an expert in delivering leadership training through webinars, having facilitated more than 100 such webinars on behalf of Harvard Business Publishing since 2012 for their global clients. The success of webinars is dependent on how quickly the facilitator can engage the audience and make the session a two-way process rather than a download. However, delivering leadership training through a webinar can be extremely daunting even for seasoned facilitators. This is where Shyamli’s expertise in creating impactful content and ability to engage with global audiences proves invaluable.

  • Suitable for
    • For organizations that have a large number of geographically dispersed employees and are looking for a cost- and time-effective learning model
  • Key takeaways
    •  Webinar sessions, followed or preceded by e-learning or self-learning modules to reinforce concepts and their applications are a powerful yet cost-effective learning technique for multiple behavioral leadership skills
  • Time
    • 1 hour – 1.5 hours
Shyamli Rathore Sidman